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The full computer hosiery machine is more professional. There is not much information to add. Since this year, some non-professional things have been added to serve customers.

Many things, just like that. Waiting for it to happen naturally, the result will be better. But in the face of reality, does anyone know what the result of the thing itself should be?
It's an ability to watch it change!

Let it be, it is a happiness !

The highest realm of life: Buddhism is the heart, Tao is the bone, Confucianism is the table, and you look at the world with a lot of attention. Skill in hand, can be in the body, think in the brain, calm life. Three thousand years of reading history, but nothing less than fame and fortune; nine thousand miles to realize, after all, poetry and wine pastoral

Those who do not hide are not far-sighted, and those who are not embarrassed are not broad-minded.
—— "Xunzi · Persuasion"

Some customers walked away and said that the price could not be accepted. They came back because they were cheap and not necessarily reliable because of the routine. You may not understand. If you need me, I have always been here. If you want to understand, I will tell you the truth There is a quality called "repeat customer", a trust called "friend introduction", a brand called "I believe in you" integrity, and we will always look forward to meeting you

Will drink
Li Bai
黄河之水天上来 奔流到海不复回。 When the king is not seen , the water of the Yellow River comes up to the sky , and rushes to the sea and never returns.
高堂明镜悲白发, 如青丝暮成雪。 If you do n’t see him, Gaotang Mingjing is sad and with white hair .
尽欢, 莫使金樽空对月。 The joy of life must be happy, not to make Jinzun empty to the moon.
千金散尽还复来。 Born to me, I will be useful .
会须一饮三百杯。 Cooking sheep and slaughtering cattle is a pleasure, and you will need to drink three hundred cups.
丹丘生, 将进酒 杯莫停 Master Cen , Dan Qiusheng, will enter the wine , stop drinking .
歌一曲, 请君为我倾耳听 With Junge , please listen to me.
馔玉不足贵, 但愿长醉不复醒。 Bell and drum jade is not expensive, but I hope I will never wake up.
皆寂寞, 惟有饮者留其名。 In ancient times, the sages were lonely, but the drinker kept his name.
昔时宴平乐斗酒十千 Chen Wang had a pleasant feast at the time, and the fight was over ten thousand yuan .
径须 取对君酌。 What is the master to say less money , the path must be sold to the king.
千金裘, 呼儿将出换美酒, 万古愁。 Wuhuama , Qianjinqiu, Huer will exchange wine and sell it with eternal worries.

Some people do n’t want to study, they say they are brainwashing; they do n’t want to invest, they say they are cheating money; they ca n’t insist, they want everything for free, but they want to make money. In this case, it is best to go out-just go out with a bowl. Then with a picture, a beggar was holding a dog stick and begging with a rice bowl.

到处都是坑。 The market is now full of pits. This doesn't matter, it's terrible that you fell into the pit and don't know it, but you need to shake your arms and snoring and dig a bigger pit for yourself. (People who are fooled amplify the loss infinitely, but unfortunately do not listen to advice)


 I do n’t know the night ’s darkness during the day. On the dark night, the little light you see is considered to be the arrival of the day. This is “I thought” 
  任何涉及到赚钱的事业。 Seeing the world ’s so-called transposition thinking from a different perspective is also a pseudo-proposition. If you do n’t have his environment, you do n’t have his experience. How can you transposition with your insights to understand his situation? --------- Gu Feng whispered to advance any cause that involves making money.  There are no shortcuts, and no easy word.  It requires you to put in more effort, thinking and learning than others.  You need to be more independent, sharper, more persistent, more persevering, and more selective than most people.                                                          
  提升自己的心灵品质,为第一要务。 ----- Gu Feng whispering hard to improve his spiritual quality is the first priority.  Personality, wisdom, and courage are essential factors for your growth. 

      Social well-being comes from the quality, not the quantity, of the social, the depth of communication, not the frequency. 

      Now customers are stunned, and they want to serve well, and they want the cheapest, or no money.  I also want others to tell the truth, and I want to lie to others.  Think about it, such a person is only deceived, right?  You ca n’t go to heaven.  Get a model and genuine price 

In this age of information flooding, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. How to keep one's thinking from becoming a spam racetrack is particularly critical. Don't underestimate spam, it will fill up your space and even induce you to change your good habits. Make the wrong decision. . . . . Gufeng Whispering 2018

Knowing the party has something. Do something and do nothing.
For it is perfect and ends with perfection. If you don't, you can't bear it.

The gap between people is sometimes not really how high the IQ and how powerful the EQ is, but how big the pattern is.

The first sentence asks how much is the lowest, the transaction probability is almost zero! Because what they need is not a product, but a bargain, because they have to ask a lot of people until the cheapest one is asked, so they become the main source of scammers! The people who really need the product will check the quality and performance of the product to see if it is suitable. Each industry is not a huge profit as imagined! The huge amount of information makes the price very transparent, and what we earn is just hard money for long-term cooperation! ---- 2018.6.18 To our customers


All past are prologues, 2019 Xinyi Machinery sails with you. Fly the future for your dreams!


     All good things are tortuously approaching their goals, everything is deceptive, all truth is curved, and time itself is a circle.  -Nietzsche 

It's all effortless. Happy life is nothing but hard work.

 The closer to success, the more difficult it is and the more you need to persist.  Whether it is entrepreneurship or life, what we lack is not abilities, skills, models, but persistence and perseverance. Only by insisting on quantitative changes can we finally achieve qualitative changes, and we can break through the critical point of success and achieve final success. 

        The innovation of an enterprise is the innovation of values! 必须是善良的态度, 而不是一种套路的态度。 Our attitude towards users must be a kind attitude, not a routine attitude.   

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